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Waacking Crash Course

This class is taught by:

Ijay Espinoza

IJay Espinoza is an emerging Bay Area dancer (11 years), choreographer (8 years), teacher (6 years) and freestyler (6 years) from the small town of Newark, California.

IJay was introduced to the colorful world of waacking by Tiffany Bong. Since then he has trained under many of the style's current leaders including Kumari Suraj, Lorena Valenzuela, Princess Lockerooo, & Ibuki. IJay has also been mentored by one of the originators of waacking's original form, punking.

He is currently living in Los Angeles pursuing a career in the dance industry.

Waacking was born in the underground gay club scene in LA, so what better way to spend a part of your Pride Weekend!!

Upcoming classes:

  • Mon Nov 27 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm with Ijay Espinoza
    at Dogpatch Dance And Yoga