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Kemari Harris

Kemari Ken Harris is a bay area native choreographer. Taking hip hop and salsa classes throughout school and competing in local talent shows he knew his dreams was to become a dancer.
Entering a contest for Beyonce's Single ladies dance contest, his video was excepted to be in her I am world tour.
Since then Kemari has found I home in Dogpatch Dance and Yoga and Town Fitness teaching Hot Choreo, After Work Twerk, and stripper 101.

Kemari Harris instructs the following:
  • After Work Twerk

  • Stripper 101
  • Ever sit at your desk like do I really need this job? I could always be a stripper? Whether you decide to take your chances in the stripping world or not (#nojudgment), get some sexy moves in this fun dance class. 
    Wear comfortable clothes to dance in. 
    Bring kneepads. 

  • Hot Choreo
  • Learn choreography to top sexy songs. 
    Bring heels to dance with (if you choose).  Bring knee pads (some sexy floor work). Mostly bring a readiness to get sexy and have fun.