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Alotta Boutté

Alotta Boutté is an international and lifelong performer. After a nearly 2-year stint in Paris as a part of the Mugler Follies, she returned to San Francisco as part of the cast of the world’s longest running musical revue, Beach Blanket Babylon. She began tantalizing burlesque audiences 14 years ago as a part of the award-winning troupe Harlem Shake Burlesque and continues to perform regularly throughout the Bay Area.

Alotta Boutté instructs the following:
  • Burlesque Bump and Grind
  • Learn how to radiate onstage and command your audience with just a look or flick of the wrist!
    This class is designed to help you get into your skin so you can own the stage. Through dance and choreography, we’ll explore what’s it’s like to be in your body, learn how it moves and what stage presence physically feels like.
    Funny, educational, and good for all levels of movers, Alotta teaches you how to expand your presence and take up space while making you laugh, shimmy, shake, bump, grind, and have a damn good time. Wear your dance clothes. Heels welcome but not required.
    Also welcome are fringe, sequins, ruby red lips, long satin gloves and anything else that help you feel deliciously sexy.