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Monica Magtoto

Monica Magtoto is a yoga instructor and artist based in San Francisco. As a Bay native, Monica brings her love of the city, its art, and music into her practice. She believes that yoga is for everyone and strives to empower students to meet themselves where they are at and set strong goals for their practice. She truly believes in yoga as liberation.

Having received her certification here in the Bay Area, she brings into her classes the expertise and wisdom of many of her local yoga heroes. She works hard to ensure that her class is an inclusive and welcoming environment where students are free to be themselves.

Monica Magtoto instructs the following:
  • Slim-Thick Revolutionary Yoga
  • An all levels vinyasa-based class. Slim Thick is you, loving your body, just the way it is.Together we will build strength, flexibility, breath, confidence, and resilience. Students are encouraged to find their edge: a balance of ease and challenge to meet and exceed their personal goals. Over time, we will look at where we hold systematic oppression in the body and chip away at its effects in a loving and fun environment. Yoga can help us to love our bodies and our minds just the way they are and in that way, we will cultivate liberation, inner peace, and joy.