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Sunita Mohanty

Sunita is a Bay Area yoga instructor specializing in inclusive vinyasa flow yoga. She fuses together her love for music (hiphop and R&B) with Aligned Flow Method vinyasa yoga. She has a background as a classical Indian dancer and has built her personal yoga practice for over 20 years. Based on the premise that no two bodies are alike, Aligned Flow method is focused on helping build strength, courage and flexibility no matter where you are in your practice. Her role as a teacher is to help guide you on that journey to accessing the mental and physical benefits of yoga, with an awareness for how to modify yoga for different levels and body types. Her mission is to create an inclusive and enjoyable environment for everyone to access the benefits of yoga.

Sunita Mohanty instructs the following:
  • Yoga for the Soul and R&B
  • Come flow with this vinyasa yoga practice set to R&B vibes to feed your Soul!

    Make space for yourself to release the accumulated stress we carry from all parts of our lives by practicing in a relaxed, fun and nonjudgemental environment. Through the practice of yoga, we become stronger and more flexible physically and mentally - an amazing journey which looks different for each person. This vinyasa flow class encourages you to find your own personal level of challenge while also connecting through music to bring a deeper feeling of flow and inner sense of chill.