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Adam Meringolo

Life as I knew it falling apart at the end of 2008; a 5 year relationship had disintegrated before my eyes, I was couch surfing (thank goodness for friends), and on the verge of collapse. It was the best thing that could have happened to me.

Two friends of mine had taught me a few asanas in early 2009, which I would utilize daily. However, this alone didn't serve to change my destructive habits, even after moving 2,000 miles away. Two years later, I got the courage to step into a public class, and attendance became daily. This consistency and dedication precipitated change; to release from the grips of alcohol and other self-destructive behaviors. In 2012 I went through my first teacher training, then began to work with Shanti Kelley shortly thereafter. Her brilliant guidance helped me to establish ground; to give me direction. I began to develop a genuine consistency in my practice both on and off the mat.

In November of 2015 I traveled to San Francisco to take my first training with Annie Carpenter. She has shown me what it is to embrace greater wisdom, humility, and devotion. Diving more deeply in the process allowed me to begin dissolving much of the avidya (non-seeing) and asmita (ego) that is the foundation of delusion and distraction.

My teachers' influence of intelligent sequencing, anatomical focus, and grounded approach are clear in my classes. It is my own transformation that has led me to know that the potential for great metamorphosis lies within all of us, and I am dedicated to seeing my students realize this truth.

I want to be able to pass on to you what this practice has done for me.

Adam Meringolo instructs the following:
  • Yoga for the Deep Core
  • Yoga for the Deep Core is a class that will yield incredible benefits for your abs, your posture, and well-being on the whole. You’ll be able to tap into greater self awareness while improving strength & flexibility.
    Whether you’re sitting at a desk, performing in a ballet, or on your feet all day, a stronger core (not just abs but the deeper muscles) will boost your quality of life. Posture improves and back pain can be circumvented or even alleviated.
    This is a balanced yoga class, with both asana (postures) and breathing (pranayama), with added focus on the core and alignment of the body.
    Every Monday & Friday at noon. Rigorous, but accessible for all levels.