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Alexandria Nichandros

Alexandria Nichandros instructs the following:
  • Bellydance
  • This class is for those who are beginners or intermediate to bellydance. Class starts with movement review and vocabulary and is stitched together for a short class choreography. Students can expect lots of body undulations, hip accents, wavy snake arms and shimmies. Wear fitted clothes and soft dance shoes, socks or barefoot. Average class caloric burn is 350!

  • Nightclub Salsa
  • This class is for anyone who wants to learn sexy and casual nightclub style. No partner required! All genders, all bodies, all ages welcome.


    Footwork - the basic step, side basic, and cross basic. Simple "shines" or solo footwork.

    Turns - front basic, back basic, L and R side basic. L and R basic for cross step.

    Arms, hips, and body position, for leaders and followers, for all of the above moves.

    Rhythm - how to find the dance beat, how to tell the speed of a song, how to recover the beat when you lose it.

    PLUS your requests!!! I always take requests and I always want to make sure you get the most from class. If there is something specific you want to learn, please speak up!!!

  • Pole for All Bodies
  • ALL bodies/genders/orientations/ages welcome! If you ever thought pole dancing looked fun, here's your chance! You don't have to be a fitness model to have fun on the pole!

    Multiple levels easily accommodated. Whether you're brand new or a working performer, I promise a good time and learn you'll something valuable.

    Wear: layers that move with you, and make you feel sexy. More for warm ups, less for pole time. Many pole moves require upper thighs to be bare. Booty shorts, boykini bottoms, wrestling shorts, etc are all good choices.

    Be prepared to dance barefoot. If desired, you may bring high heels WITH ANKLE STRAPS. They should NOT have grip soles. Please clean the soles with soap and water before arrival.
    This is a body positive, sex-positive, safe, welcoming, environment.

    **DO NOT apply lotion/oil/body butter/glitter spray/etc to any part of your body the day of class!!! Sounds silly but this is very important!!! Oil or lotion transfers easily to the pole and impairs everyone's safety and enjoyment of class, even if applied many hours earlier.**

  • Flexibility 4 Life
  • Stretching is fundamental to dance, exercise, and staying healthy, yet we rarely make the time for it, and often don’t know much about it.
    With roots in yoga, pilates, feldenkrais, ballet, calisthenics, and more, this class brings fun, moving meditation, and education together.
    Discover new stretches, learn new ways care for your body, and feel refreshed. Let us guide you through the stretching you KNOW you need to move your dance and fitness goals forward! Listen to great music and get support from an expert while expanding your reach.

  • Bellydance
  • Come experience the power of women's bodies moving in unison, for no reason but our own enjoyment, as has been passed down for thousands of years, since before written history began.

    This magic has been largely dormant in the west. We want girls, elders, mothers, and divas, students, aunts, tech sisters and riot grrls, crones, motorcycle dykes and bicycle babes, teens, girl scouts, and radical monarchs! All self-identified women and girls are welcome in this unique community journey. Together we will build intergenerational community and practice body acceptance.

    Open to all levels, all abilities, all bodies, and all ages, bellydance is an ancient expression and celebration of feminine strength, power, spirit and form.

    Safe and welcoming for first time dancers but still challenging for experienced yoga practitioners and athletes alike, bellydance is low or no impact and builds stamina, flexibility, and musical timing.

    Bringing your mind in touch with your body, this class is a blend of Raqs sharqi (Arabic style), modern Turkish, and classic American Cabaret. We honor the tradition of bellydance as a solo improvisational dance style, grounding you with alignment and community so that you can find your own personal expression.