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Effie Mantzouranis

Effie Mantzouranis instructs the following:
  • Run the Twerk
  • In this class we connect to our feminine core, bringing awareness to our sacral region, and dismantle shame from our sexuality and bodies one bounce at a time.
    Queen.E believes that twerking goes beyond its aesthetic and can also be used to heal physical and mental trauma. She uses twerk to reclaim all that is hers and all that is feminine, and wants to share that with all womyn.
    In this class she teaches the correct technique for twerking, vocabulary, and provides visual and vocal cues to help you understand how to move your body in a safe and supportive way.
    Most classes are part instructional and then moves into short combos and choreography to help put all the new learned material into a fluid string of dance.

  • Queendom Heels
  • In this class we look directly at ourselves in the mirror and greet the baddest individual we are and strive to be in this world!
    Sexy heels is about allowing ourselves to be free and confident in our sexuality, judgement free.
    In this class we drill balance, hair whips, walks, struts, spins, and floor work to accentuate our bodies.
    In each class we learn a small combo/choreo to pull it all together and broaden our vocabulary of this style of dance.