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Jayde Ci

Jayde is a Georgia Peach transplant to Cali thanks to graduate school. She's been dancing since ballet shoes could fit, and exploring any form of dance she could get into over the years.
At some point, she found pole and Pleasers, and her own style began to develop. Blending everything she's learned together to create her own sensual emotional expression in Jayded Movement.
Specializing in bringing out one's own inner strength and sexiness, Sexy Beast is about finding those movements that feel good and giving all that sexy on the dance floor.

Jayde Ci instructs the following:
  • Sexy Beast 101 (Jayded Movement Heels Class)
  • Sexy Beast 101 focuses on learning techniques for dancing in high heels.  
    Pleasers and Ellie are our preferred platforms heels.
    The focus is on figuring out how to count music, feeling out the mood of the song, and developing your inner Sexy Beast.
    We teach everything from floorwork to chair work and everything in-between. Each class works on about 30-45 seconds of choreography in each class. This class is taught three times a week; Tuesdays and Thursdays at Dogpatch Dance and Yoga in San Francisco, and Wednesdays at Town Fitness in Oakland.
    All levels are welcome!
    *If you're not comfortable start with comfortable shoes or bare feet and work your way up six or seven inches . . . 

  • Sexy Beast Pole
  • What poles? Yes, poles.
    Let's get those sexy bodies moving in all directions. Sexy Beast pole focuses on learning how to safely warm-up your body, build strength and stamina, and develop a variety of skill sets for eye-catching pole dancing.
    This class is for all skill levels working on tips and tricks for beginner and intermediate polers.
    Heels will be optional for those looking to explore pole movement with heels. Pleasers and Ellie are the recommended brands.

  • Sexy Beast 201 (Jayded Movement Heels Class)
  • Time to take it up a notch in Sexy Beast 201!
    In 201 your heels are a part of you and we wear them from start to finish in the 1 hour and 15 minute class.
    The focus increases on finding musicality, learning more eye-popping tricks, and embracing and releasing your Sexy Beast.
    We move a little faster and learn about 1 minute worth of choreography in each class.
    This class is taught once a week on Saturdays at Dogpatch Dance and Yoga in San Francisco.
    Some experience recommended, but not required.