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3 Health Benefits of Dancing

Balance and Flexibility

These are two skills important in dance but also in life and especially as we age. Whether you're twerking or stepping off of a curb it's nice to be able to stay upright and not fall. Dancing improves our balance and flexibility as well as increases confidence and blood flow.

Improved Mood

When we dance our brains release neurotransmitters known as endorphins. After prolonged exercise, like that Afro-Latin Cardio class or Ratchet Ballet, endorphins and other compounds trigger this euphoric response. So don't be shy. Get on that dance floor. You'll be happy you did . . . literally! 

Making Memories

There is something very special about dance friends. Laughing, learning, and dancing together is perfect for connecting on a deeper level.


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Tina Meyhoff
Tina Meyhoff
Excited to get started!