5 Things to Remember About Holiday Pet Door Gifting

A pet door for a holiday present? That might not be as strange as you think. Whether you want to gift it as an at-home gift to your significant other or wish to surprise someone very special, a pet door is a great idea as a gift investment for the pet lover in your life. It’s also a wonderful act of kindness to install a pet door for someone in need.

Before you jump into your Santa Claus suit, just remember these key tips to help make your pet doors Melbourne gifting experience as seamless as possible:

1. Know the Size of the Pet Using it, and How Many

This tip sounds pretty obvious but is one of the most common mistakes with getting pet doors Melbourne. If you’re unable to take an exact measurement, make the most accurate estimate you can and go a little larger. A bigger door is less of an issue than a smaller one. If the recipient has multiple furry friends, pick a door that’s going to fit the largest one.

2. Get a Door that’s Super Secure

If you’re going to gift someone a pet doors Melbourne installation, it’s really best to go big or go home. A solid door that’s not going to turn brittle in the elements and is designed to keep their pets in and intruders out is well worth the investment. You may even consider getting a electronic smart pet door.

3. Have Your Supplies Ready

Before it’s time for the big moment, have all the tools you will need ready in a handy bag you can carry so you can get started installing it right away, or whenever it’s convenient to the recipient. This includes hammers, nails, screws, screwdrivers, and a hand saw. This will be routine if you’re an experienced handyman. Less experienced installers can get some help from sources like The Family Handyman and other handy folks they may know in town.

4. Think About Where You are Going to Install it

Fewer experiences feel Grinchier than a present that’s given but it doesn’t work out. You surprise them with the door… they are thrilled to pieces… and then when you tighten the fastener, there’s a stud beam in the way! Try to get a chance to know the features in the installation area first (drywall, wood beams, doors, etc.) to prevent the gift from becoming a refund.

5. Have Fun With it!

Once you’re armed with all the knowledge you need about buying and installing pet doors Melbourne, have some holiday fun with it! A tool bag decorated as “Santa’s Sleigh Repair Kit,” a red ribbon on top of the door… the possibilities are endless! You’ll surely bring them holiday cheer with this creative gift idea.

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