Benefits of Getting Elite Boerboels

Keep in mind that Boerboel is one of the most muscular dogs in the world. It comes from South Africa, where farmers used it for protection and hunting. Due to its immersive strength, you can rest assured when it comes to security, even with puppies.

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Boerboel breed is one of the most intelligent as well. Of course, it’s important to create proper training, but they are much simpler to train than other species. They come with significant intelligence that goes beyond from pack instincts.

Therefore, once they know that you are a good leader, they will follow each command, which is an important consideration to remember. Even though it comes with exceptional wits, remember that puppies would not follow your orders as soon as possible.

It’s a must that you dedicate yourself to training and put both effort and time into obtaining it. Remember that repetition is the easiest way to master particular techniques you wish to teach them.

However, if you own a properly trained Boerboel, you can rest assured because it is one of the most decisive and dedicated watchdogs.

They will grow to become caring, loving, and trained dogs with significant courage while protecting their owners.

1.Amazing Courage

We have mentioned above that Boerboels are brave and courageous. People will see them as canines in charge due to their prominent statures and postures.

Remember that home-owning it correctly will help you teach them to guard your home, and that will be additional protection apart from other security systems.

At the same time, they are exceptionally loyal, but they will exercise force on any offender who may try to harm you in any way. It is vital to find a puppy to ensure that it feels safe within your household since it’s challenging to train them after reaching a certain age.

Of course, each Boerboel will have a unique nature, similar to humans. Therefore, you should avoid disregarding their character and think that they are blindly loyal to you. Instead, you should care and love them, and they will provide you safety in return.

In such places, they will attack larger wild animals to protect you and risk their own lives for you, which is not something all breeds would do.

2.Working Out

It’s important to take note that you will get numerous advantages of owning a Boerboel over other dog breeds. Generally, you need to walk and exercise them daily to avoid mental and physical issues.

However, they are not challenging to maintain, meaning you do not have to walk them and exercise them for hours. Since they are large, it means that they have enough energy to walk around. You can also adopt a few exercises to avoid potential obesity.

The main goal of walking and running with it is to maintain its shape. Since it is large, you can easily overfeed them, leading to potential problems happening.

Therefore, you should let it out for walks and create a proper daily routine you should follow each day to ensure both mental and physical health. By combining regular exercise with a good diet, you can prevent common health issues related to obesity and overweight.

3.Life Expectancy

We all know that dog years are different from human ones, which is an important consideration to remember. For instance, one human year is equivalent to 15 dog years, one of the theories animal scientists have presented.

Even though this is a vigorously debated topic, the Boerboel breed comes with a long life expectancy. Therefore, if you implement regular care, exercise, and diet, they can live up to twelve years, which is an important consideration to remember.

Of course, we recommend you conduct regular veterinarian checkups to ensure that the puppy is healthy and in proper shape. Remember that they are not immune to particular issues, conditions and illnesses.

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As soon as you notice potential signs of disease, you should call a vet to determine the best course of action.

Besides, you need to ensure that your dog gets proper and necessary shots to ensure that it lives for years.

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