Happy pooch: your doggo’s favourite things (& some things they’re not fond of)

Ahh, the joys of being a pooch parent! There is so much joy and happiness that comes from the relationship between a doggo and their owner, and it only makes sense that people often say they prefer their dogs to actual people.

But what are your doggo’s favourite things? They’ve got a loving owner, their favourite food and the best doggie door installation in Melbourne – let’s take a further look at what makes your furry little friend absolutely stoked (as well as a few things they don’t care for)!

  1. Walks

Nothing gets an exercise-loving dog happier than hearing the sound of their lead jangling. They immediately perk up once their owner calls out “(name) walk!” and go sprinting for their lead. Once they’re on their walk they are absolutely thrilled: pulling on the lead, sniffing flowers and saying hi to other dogs – no wonder they get so tuckered out from them…

  1. Food

Food is another thing that really pumps a dog up. Whether it’s their own sachets or biscuits or their owner’s dinner, nothing gets a dog more pumped than the knowledge that they are about to fill their bellies with something delicious. The only problem is, however, if the doggo isn’t trained – they can be a real pain when you’re trying to enjoy your own dinner!

  1. Playing

Playing is a great way for a dog to expend energy as well as keep them happy and entertained. Whether they have their favourite, store-bought toy, or they have stored a few of their owner’s socks and love to play tug-of-war with them, a dog absolutely loves playing. It doesn’t matter if it’s with their puppy parent, a sibling or random doggos – dogs love playing anything from fetch to hide and seek and more.

  1. Sleeping

Because a doggie is bound to get sleep after all the excitement of walks, playtime and eating! Once a dog has finished doing all the fun stuff, there is nothing they love more than curling up on the couch, the doggy bed, the carpet etc. and having a long, well-earned snooze. Dogs have interesting sleep schedules, really: they expend a bit of energy, go for a long nap, wake up, nap again and so on and all in the course of one day.

  1. Attention

Dogs and humans share a loving bond, and a dog who gets plenty of love and attention from their owner is a typically happy dog. Whether they are getting a back scratch, a big old cuddle or a classic, jovial pat, dogs really appreciate the warmth and love their owner provides.

A couple of things they don’t like

Dogs don’t love everything, of course! Here are a couple of things they don’t love so much…

  1. Their owner leaving for a while

We don’t know what goes on with a dog’s memory, but they often completely freak out when their owner takes off – it’s as if they think they’re never coming back! But, it’s fair to say it’s all good when their owner does return – they get absolutely thrilled to see their owner, probably because of the promise of the above-listed fun, attention and treats, as well as the fact they just love their owners.

  1. Random noises

Dogs hate random noises. They really hate hearing random noises because they think something funny might be going on. Dogs are highly protective of their owners, which we truly appreciate, and it’s great that they want to look after us, but they don’t have to go barking at every family that walks past the front gate!

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