Kinds of Dog Snoods: Which One is for your Fur Friend?

For any pet owner, it can be confusing to decide between staying in and keeping your dog warm or taking it on its much-coveted walk. With this in mind, you want to know your options for neck warmers and snoods for winter.

Animal-Knot Snoods for Pets

Whether you are looking for a cute dog costume or a way to keep it warm, you should invest in a quality dog snood. A lot of companies that sell snoods provide your dog with a new set of easer while protecting their real ears. Just look at their sizing chart to ensure the best fit for your dog. Some dog owners recommend sizing down if you have a very active dog since the yarn may stretch after two wears.

Fleece Snood

This snood is quite comfortable that your dog may like to sleep with it on. A fleece snood can be available in different colors and lets your dog happily roll around in the cold without worrying about their ears getting too cold. This is because this snood comes with adjustable drawstrings that secure the snood in place throughout the digging, rolling, and running. Some companies even produce fleece snoods with appealing features like reflectivity on the label. a stretch for freedom of movement, and decorative piping.

Crochet Snood

A crochet snood is a handmade item that features stretchiness for ultimate comfort. It is made from acrylic yarn which is a great non-allergen material for dogs, showcasing washability and durability.

Knitted Wool Snoods

Snoods made of wool are perfect for pets who live in humid areas as wool can absorb around 30 percent of its weight in moisture without feeling damp or cold. But, wool can be an allergen for some dogs so you must check your pet for a skin rash or strange behavior.

Waterproof Snood

If you live in an area that experiences frequent rain, you need to invest in a waterproof snood for your dog. If your dog is wet, it can be prone to the cold, even at higher temperatures. Also, dogs that have floppy or thin ears are prone to ear infections and can be susceptible to being cold so they may need a cover. Waterproof snoods can be used by both people and pets for keeping their ears warm and dry from rainy walks. Also, they can be used when giving your dog baths or when feeding it.

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