Making Pet Boarding as Easy and Stress-Free as Possible

Recently, pet boarding has become one of the most popular forms of pet care. Whether for a single night, a week, or longer, you want your pet to be comfortable and happy when you can’t be there for them. Ensuring you understand what’s involved in pet boarding will help you ensure your pet enjoys their experience. This guide will provide tips on making pet boarding as easy and stress-free as possible for you and your pet. With the relevant preparation, you can ensure that your pet enjoys their visit and is safe, comfortable, and happy.

Choosing a Reputable Pet Boarding Facility

When selecting a pet boarding facility, it must be reputable, has good reviews, and provides the needed services. Do your research to learn about customer reviews and ratings to understand what other pet owners have said about the facility. Also, make sure to visit the facility ahead of time to observe the level of cleanliness and security and familiarize yourself with the staff and other animals.

Check for Licensing

Most states have licensing and regulation requirements for pet boarding facilities, so it’s essential to ensure the facility you choose meets those requirements and can offer your pet the pertinent level of care. You can also check if the facility is certified by a reputable organization such as the American Boarding Kennels Association (ABKA).

Ask Questions

Be bold and ask the facility staff questions while you’re there. How long has the facility been around? What types of pets do they board? Will my pet be supervised at all times? Are there any extra services that are offered? Asking apt questions will help you get a better understanding of the pet boarding facility and the services they provide.

Research Vaccination Requirements

It’s essential to ensure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date before boarding. Most facilities have specific vaccination requirements, so you should ensure your pet meets these requirements before boarding. If your pet doesn’t have all the necessary vaccinations, you may need to get them vaccinated before boarding.

Provide Necessary Items for Your Pet

When bringing your pet to the facility, get the necessary items for them. This includes food, treats, toys, medications, and anything else your pet will need while away from you. Ask the facility staff for advice if you are still determining what items to bring.

Pre-Boarding Tasks

Before your pet leaves for the boarding facility, clean their bedding, brush their fur, and give them any necessary medications. Depending on the spell of the stay, you may need to bring the essential supplies to last through your visit. It is also shrewd to ensure that they are comfortable with being handled by other people and animals.

Understand Pet Boarding Contracts

Before signing any pet boarding contracts, ensure you understand all the terms, fees, and services included in the contract. This includes details like duration of stay, pickup and drop-off times, and extra services that may be available. If you have any pressing questions, don’t hesitate to ask the facility staff.

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