Mourning- Coping With The Loss Of Your Pet

The loss of a pet is not an easy thing, you’re not only losing a pet; you lose a friend and a family member. Hurt, loss, and pain are some of the emotions that should never be neglected. Going through the different emotions is part of the healing process. But when suppressed or ignored, the aftermath may even lead to issues like depression. The loss of a pet after dog euthanasia can affect you in many ways. With that in mind, Dr. Ray Spragley recommends that you allow yourself to feel the pain.

When a pet falls ill, it is understandable that you’ll try to save them by calling a holistic vet. However, there are times when those efforts bear no fruits and the pet sadly passes away or is put to sleep. When it happens, it is best to ensure you can cope with the loss in the healthiest way possible.

Allow Yourself To Grieve

When going through grief, different people tend to react differently. Since, you’ve lost a dear beloved animal that was also part of your family you should allow yourself to feel the pain and grieve. Do not suppress it, vent if you feel like, cry, scream, but just ensure that you release the pain in a healthy manner. You may also choose to keep a journal during such a difficult time. The whole experience of lose can be challenging but with the right support, you can cope with it better.

Hold a memorial

The life of a pet does not end after its death, it lives on in the memories of those who were part of its life. That’s why some people would rather hold a memorial to remember your pet and all those good and bad moments shared.  During the memorial, let others share a few words, it will help everyone find the closure they need.

Find help and support

At times, the loss of a pet can be too overwhelming and difficult to get over alone. It is advisable that you get help and support from others. Find someone you trust and talk about how you feel. They will help you deal and cope with the pain. Suppose you have children who experience the same, find a therapist who specialize in children and teens’ therapy. You could also join a support group of people who have lost their pet. Such groups have proven to be quite helpful as they create an environment where everyone is experiencing the same pain. In such a setup, you are sure that others will understand your pain and fears.

Keep the routine

During hurt and loss, it’s easy to drift from your daily routine and reality. It’s recommended that you try to do everything as you used to. If you have other pets, they will feel your pain and withdrawal, so don’t neglect them. Ensure they are fed and also give them your affection.

 After the loss, allow yourself to grieve. Join a support group and share and hear out other people’s experiences. Do not neglect your daily routine, feed your other pets and love them. This can even help pull you out of your grief.

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