Must-Have Essentials When Bringing New Cat Home

Before bringing a new kitty home, it is vital to purchase a few supplies before its arrival. Ideally, it should start exploring and getting used to things immediately after it comes home. If it is possible, try to play with the new cat at the place where he is currently living. Also, make sure to take a few items like his toys or towel having his scent on them. In addition to this, buy him the cat food and supplies in UAE to make the new space more comfortable for him. This article enlists must-have cat supplies to make the home a perfect fit for the pet.

·        Carrier or crate

The first thing that one needs to get is a cat carrier or carte. Make sure that whatever is bought, carrier or carte, is safe and sturdy with plenty of ventilation and also easy access for the owner to get the kitty in and out. The cat might feel uncomfortable in the carrier. The same can be prevented by using a calming spray that can help soothe the pet.

·        Food

When visiting the store to buy cat food and supplies in UAE, consider the breed of the pet. If possible, try to figure out what kind of food the breeder or pet store was feeding the cat, and it’s better to stick to the same diet for a while. Also, what the pet owner plan to feed the cat depends on its age. Kittens, on one hand, require a special diet, and senior cats, on the other hand, require a diet formulated specifically for them.

·        Food and water bowls

The cat should have appropriate food and water bowls waiting for it when it arrives at the home. It is essential to have a clean and inviting water and food dish. Try getting the ones that are designed for convenient cleaning featuring an easy-to-clean reservoir and dishwasher-safe bowl. If an individual has adopted a kitten, then it is advisable to purchase smaller and shallower bowls.

·        Bed

Although many cats will be happy to sleep anywhere in the house, a cat bed can become its favorite napping spot. The bed purchased should be warm and soft and also make sure to locate it in a place that might make the cat feel comfortable and safe.

·        Toys

Now that cats love to play, make sure to provide them with a variety of safe toys. It has been researched that pouncing is a favorite activity of cats, so it will be good to have some balls and catnip-filled mice for the pet. Before giving the cat the toys make sure to examine them for safety.


If one is wondering what their cats need in a new home, consider purchasing the above-listed cat food and supplies in UAE. Apart from these, the owner can also get a collar, ID tag, scratching posts, comfort zone calming diffuser, litter box, and many other supplies. Having these supplies will help the cat adjust faster to a new environment.

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