Animals have been consistently taken as pets, right from ancient times. This covers a wide range of animals inclusive of domesticated and wild animals. Examples include dogs, rabbits, cat, guinea pigs, snakes and so much more. Despite the downsides experienced in keeping of pets, people still love theirpets.

Examples of such downsides include:

  • Worsening of allergies and asthma due to reaction to dander, fur or feathers of the animal. Animals tend to trigger different kinds of allergies ranging from mild to critical.
  • Attack from the animal. Owners of pets as well as other individuals often get attacked by pet animals. This is applicable to even the most commonly kept pets by man. These are the cat and dog. Cats and dogs often attack their owners and other people when they get irritable. Irritable cats could give really bad scratches that could really escalate of it gets infected. Irritable dogs on the hand could cause more damage depending on the breed of the dog. The big breeds could cause deathly attacks through bites and aggressive use of claws. They most times rip off considerable chunk of flesh off their victims. Attacks from other animals, particularly wild animals occur more frequently. This is because it is not so easy to take the wild instincts out of the animal. Nevertheless people still keep wild animals such as lions and tigers as pets.
  • The owner often gets stressed over the behavior of the animal especially if the animal is acting unstable.
  • Pets unfortunately contribute to the falling of their elderly owners. If the fall is serious, this could have a significant impact on the individual.

However,animals are still amazing to keep as pets. Pets have scientifically proven to improve the mental and physical health of the owner. Their actions and expressions are most times priceless. Dumb or smart, pets really serve as comforting companions to humans.

Hence, most people often try to preserve the memory of their pets. They do this by getting picture shots or paint portraits of their pets. Custom pet portraits are often ordered for personal use as well as gifts to other loved ones who share a bond with the animal. Even down after the death of the animal, the owner still gets to keep the portrait as a priceless remembrance.

Pet paintings help preserve the personality of the animal. This can be really comforting to owners especially if the animal dies or grows old and loses usual behavior.The painting could be paints, water colors or oil on canvas. It is pretty convenient to paint your pet when it is still alive rather than when it is dead. This is because the artist could have some limitations painting the pet such asdisturbing appearance of the dead pet and difficulty in capturing the emotions of the pet. Getting portraits can be very rewarding. You get to see your dog running after something in the field or at the park for life.You could get a portrait with you and your flurry friend in it.

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