Take care of the well-being of your dog by ensuring its cooling

Dogs need an ambient temperature of less than 20 degrees celsius for their well-being. Dogs do not have the ability to regulate their temperature by sweating like humans, their only means of cooling is through their nose. But this organ does not offer them a very large cooling capacity, so to fill this gap of our four-legged friends, you can consult your online professional advisor for the choice of dog cooling mat to adopt.

Why take advice from an animal specialist before using a dog cooling mat

At home, you can keep your dog in the coolest room. If your home does not have a cool room, there is still a cooling mat solution to keep your dog cool throughout the day while also helping to regulate his body temperature. The cooling mat also has the advantage of being able to be used in the shade of course, and both indoors and outdoors. The mat is adopted to the needs of the dog in collaboration with animal specialists to give them optimal comfort.

However, it is the older dogs, whose cardio-pulmonary circulation presents a significant change, that should be supported in the best possible way by the cooling mat during the hot months, such as in summer.

Beware of dogs at risk

It is impossible for dogs to sweat. They can only dissipate their heat by panting or through their paw pads and therefore overheat quickly. Some risk groups are much more vulnerable: short-muzzled or overweight dogs, dark or thick-coated dogs, older dogs, and puppies. You must remain very vigilant with these dogs.

Taking care of your dog while on the road

To secure their dogs, owners often use dog crates in their cars. But unfortunately, most of these crates keep the dog away from the car’s cooling system which could help regulate his temperature. This is where the use of a cooling mat makes sense and proves its worth. Because the performance of the cooling mat is helped by the dry air emanating from the car’s air conditioning system. The cooling mat has the advantage of being easily foldable and of always staying dry, especially in cars. So no matter where you are, your dog will always keep its required freshness.

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