Things To Keep In Mind While Transporting A Puppy

Transporting a puppy with careful planning and execution is very safe for all vehicles, even by plane. Whenever you travel with young pets or ship them, make sure that you take additional steps to ensure they are safe. To ensure your puppy is safe and secured, below are a few tips you need to consider.

Keeping track of pet travel safely via airlines is essential. Remember that your furbaby, and you don’t need to navigate the whole process of shifting alone. Take a look at all the information given below, and then plan things accordingly. Read further to know more about pet travel and other things.

Tips To Ensure Your Puppy Is Safe

  • Before you plan to transport your puppy via a dog courier, make sure to consult with your vet first and check if there are no serious concerns. Don’t travel if your puppy’s health is not good.
  • If you’re travelling abroad, research all the important rules of that country to ensure that your puppy has all the necessary documents and vaccination certificates.
  • Cross-check all the airline rules and regulations to compare with other flight alternatives and make sure that your puppy can enjoy the trip without any hassle with you being comfortable too.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Puppy?


The cost to ship a puppy depends on several factors, such as destination cities, breed of your puppy, origin, the size of your puppy and more. Below are certain costs to expect no matter what.

  1. Quarantine Fees
  2. Government Endorsements
  3. Transportation Costs
  4. Travel Crate
  5. Airfare
  6. Crucial Permits & Important Documentations
  7. Custom Fees

When To Not Ship Puppies?

Not shipping a puppy is mainly recommended due to safety reasons. A suitable dog courier won’t ship puppies who are less than 16 weeks. Dogs are better and stronger to handle the air travel experience when they’re at least four months old. This allows them to get adequately vaccinated before they travel.

There are a lot of countries that allow young pets even without vaccination. So, while travelling with puppies, you need to check the destination first. It’s very important to review all the important rules of the country and airlines and talk to your puppy’s doctor before you book the tickets, and get all the arrangements done for your pet. Ensure that your dog has the safest trip.

Final Conclusion

Puppy scams are becoming very common nowadays. You should always beware of all the red flags. If you see a transaction to be too good to be true, make sure to double-check it. Whenever you need to add a puppy to your family, it is always recommended to deal locally and not internationally.

Get in touch with a professional dog courier agency that constantly updates all the regulations and norms regarding international pet travel. Let us know your thoughts on this article. Drop in your queries or comments in the comment box below. Our team will always be ready to clear all your doubts!

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