Why Poodles Make Fun and Loyal Pets

You’re probably already familiar with the poodle, which is one of the famous dog breeds for its intelligence and looks. However, if you haven’t owned a poodle yet, then you may not be able to completely grasp what their temperament is like.

But you’ll be surprised that poodles aren’t just the fancy show dog we know. They are actually amazing pets the family will love!

Read on to learn why poodles will make an ideal addition to the household.

  1. They are waterbugs!

The traditional Poodle clip is one with bald legs and pom-pom styled hair on the ankles, body, and head. This may sound ridiculous to people, but this was done with a purpose! These poms will keep the poodle’s joints warm while swimming in cold water, and the shaved portions will keep them from being weighed down, allowing them to glide through the water.

Poodles absolutely love the water, making them fun to take to beaches, lakes, creeks, or pools. More specifically, they enjoy games of Fetch when in the water, or simply splashing around with owners.

  1. They are hypoallergenic breeds

You can find a lot of breeds that are known as non-shedding breeds. However, this is usually false!

With poodles, they’re different as they don’t have fur. Rather, they have HAIR.

This hair has no undercoat. Dogs that have an undercoat tend to be the ones shedding the most. Furthermore, the breed’s hair will have longer growth periods compared to other breeds’ furs, so it would continue growing longer before falling out.

Besides this, they have a water-resistant coat, so it’s less likely to cause any allergies. That way, adults and children who are sensitive to fur won’t have any trouble with sneezing or getting sniffles when around poodles.

  1. They are very intelligent

Poodles are one of the most intelligent dog breeds, the second one among all dog breeds! They are motivated by food, dog toys (like from Peggasus Pets), and a lot of praise.

With their intelligence and easy motivators, it’s easy for them to learn new tricks and behaviors. Many poodles are also known for their little dance routines!

Furthermore, their intelligence makes them champions in just about any dog sport, whether it’s agility training, nose work, and even truffle-hunting or being a service dog!

  1. They love cuddling

They are attractive, they are intelligent, but most importantly, poodles love to love. Sure, this breed is very active and needs a lot of mental and physical stimulation, they love cuddles and snuggles with their owners.

Besides their love for cuddles, they cling to their owners for a reason: They are very loyal. Once a poodle gets to know their owner, it will be attached and want to stay by your side forever, having your back.

Wrapping It Up

The Poodle isn’t just a dog for shows, they make wonderful pets that many families will love and cherish for life. If you are planning to get a dog, consider getting a poodle and enjoy their adorable and intelligent temperament.

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